Last year, alphaGo win the world championship with go, which was supposed to be an unreachable part of the computer yet, and shocked the world. The technology used for that alphaGo was deep learning.
I am learning the neural network known as deep learning and thinking it makes the human being more useful. Indeed, many companies are interested in it.
I believe my skill will help make the world more convenient.
This page is introduction to explain my abilities and interest.


  • Deep Learning
    • Neural Network
    • Capsule Network
    • Tensorflow, Keras
  • Image detection, recognition
    • Human recognition
  • Computational complexity theory
    • P vs NP
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • iOS applications(Production experience)



  • Computer Languages(Main)
    • C
    • C++
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • Python
    • Swift
  • Additional
    • CSS5
    • HTML
    • MySQL


  • SplaNet2
    SplaNet2 is the useful tool to save your splatoon2 result on your server. Please see the link for usage.
  • AlphaNyamo(Under construction)
    AlphaNyamo is the software mastering Shogi by Self-Play with a Neural Network without human knowledge. This program is created using the following libraries(Keras, Tensorflow). I’ll plan to join WCSC29(World Computer Shogi Championship 29) will be held on next year(2019). AlphaNyamo is made using an alpha zero method, and use Keras, Tensorflow as libralies.
  • Remote Control Tool
    This is iOS application. Please see the link for movie of usage.

Handling website

  • Spl@Net2
    Spl@Net2 is the website to save your results for splatoon2 unlimited. The similar applications are offered by Nintendo, but it work only iOS or Android devices. In contrast, this works on any devices(Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, others). Registration is necessary for use.
  • ranbato.info
    ranbato.info is the website to save your score of karaoke unlimited(original service is up to only 50!). In addition to simply saving, you can also display the highest scored for each song, and sort it. Now, 150 people are registered, and about 15% of users are active. Registration is necessary for use.